Site Owners love working with us! We’re not a huge faceless network. We operate more like your direct sales force. Plus we’re driving, riding and racing enthusiasts – we “live” in your world. Yeah, our technical systems are top-notch, but we really focus on working with you personally. Imagine that…a bunch of online guys who prefer personal contact. Read more to learn how we operate and our systems. Then let’s talk – that’s what we do for a living!

Why Digital Throttle?

1. We Know Your Market:
We only work with sites featuring AUTOMOTIVE, MOTORCYCLE, POWERSPORTS, MOTORSPORTS and BOATING content. Leverage our 20+ years of industry experience, personal contacts and online expertise to maximize your revenue potential.

2. Custom Ad Units:
Easily add turn-key and high-paying video players, side skins, mobile, and keyword targeting to your site(s). Advertisers love working with us because we’re “way more than banners”.

3. Relevant Advertisers:
Your site(s) are more appealing and “connected” when you display ads that compliment your content.

4. Attract National Brands:
Larger advertisers, national brands and their agencies prefer to use networks like Digital Throttle as a “single-source” to consolidate their online advertising purchases.

5. No Risk / Non-Exclusive:
There is no cost to join our network and you may continue selling your ad inventory directly to your existing advertisers. You can also use other networks, including Google AdSense. We simply provide you another means to maximize site revenue.

6. Total Control:
You set automated rules for the type of ads and specific brands allowed to advertise on your site(s). No offensive, competitive or “surprise” ads will appear on your site without your approval.

7. You Set Min Ad Rates:
You set minimum pricing for your ad spaces. If we can’t match or exceed this minimum CPM, we simply “passback” the unsold impression to another network or house ad you specify.

8. Robust & Reliable Systems:
We process nearly 200 million ad impressions monthly. Our technology partners include AppNexus, ADAP.tv, and DFP.

9. Ad Ops:
We manage the entire ad trafficking process. You only need to install our ad codes into your existing ad system and we handle the rest. If you don’t have an ad system, you can place our ad-serving codes directly into your site pages. If you need technical assistance for any reason, live support is always available.

How Does Ad Pricing Work?

1. Does it Cost Anything to Join the Network?
There is no cost to join the Digital Throttle Network.

2. Are Orders CPC or CPM?
Our advertising orders will be CPM-based (cost per thousand impressions). CPM pricing provides you a predictable revenue stream based upon your site traffic.

3. How are Ad Rates Set?
We pay you a calculated revenue share for ads we sell into your website(s). You also set a “floor” price which is the minimum CPM we must match or exceed. So your payment is the greater of your actual revenue share OR minimum CPM.

4. What Prices Should You Establish?
To start, set our minimums equal to or slightly higher than your current network payouts. This way you know any earnings through Digital Throttle are a premium. Then over time monitor our fill rate and your earnings to make adjustments. Many times sites find when they lower the minimum CPM, total earnings actually go up.

5. What Sites Earn the Highest CPM’s?
Highly produced, unique content tends to generate the highest CPMs. Sites with more than four (4) ads per page of any size tend to produce lower ad results (clicks); so the rate advertisers are willing to pay is lower.

How We Secure Orders

1. How are Ads Displayed on the Publisher Site?
Once we’ve accepted your site(s), we will provide you ad tags to match the layout and requested ad sizes on your site. Our tags can be installed directly on your pages or into an ad server such as DFP or OpenX.

2. How We Secure Orders?
We utilize our own direct sales force and will also receive orders from other agencies, networks and trading desks. Our direct sales efforts are to aftermarket product manufacturers, parts resellers and endemic advertisers seeking to target the DIY audience or vehicle enthusiasts. Our network is also organized to help you capitalize on the dramatic growth in RTB (“real time bidding”) orders.

3. Establish Ad Quality Standards:
Prior to accepting any orders from us, you can establish Ad Quality standards to define the type of ads, product categories and brands you want to block. You’re able to monitor and update these standards through our Publisher Portal

4. Monitor Ads and Brands:
Once our ads start appearing on your site(s), you will have access to our Publisher Portal where you can download reports showing exactly what brands are displaying ads on your sites. You can also view each ad that’s run on your site for the previous 7 days. If you find an objectionable brand or ad running on your site, you simply “ban” the brand or ad in the Portal.

5. Can Publishers View Ads Associated with Each Order?
Yes, use the Publisher Portal to look for ads that have run on your site for the last 7 days, download CSV reports or review the list of URLs you’ve already banned.

How You Get Paid

1. Does Digital Throttle Collect Advertiser Payments?
Yes, we are responsible for all invoicing and collections relating to advertising orders placed on your site.

2. When does the Publisher Receive Payments?
We pay our publishers monthly so long as the accrued balance due exceeds $50. If your balance due is under $50, payment will be made when it exceeds this amount.

3. What are Payment Terms?
We pay publishers net 60 days after the conclusion of each month. For instance, for an order that displayed ads on your site in February; we will remit payment before the end of April.

4. What are the Method of Payments?
We pay via printed check, Paypal, EFT or international wire.

5. How Do We Report Publisher Revenue?
The Publisher Portal displays a rolling summary of earned revenue and payments we’ve made to you.

Site Requirements

1. Display Ad Sizes:
We will sell display ads on your site for at least one or more of the following ad sizes (width x height in pixels):

728 x 90 Leaderboard
160 x 600 Wide Skyscraper
300 x 250 Medium Rectangle
300×600 Mega Wide Skyscraper

2. Want to Include Video players?
We can provide you a turn-key video solution to include professional content displayed in a customized video player to match your site. Visit Digital Throttle TV to learn more.

3. Already Have a Video Player?
If you’re video player accepts VAST tags and is user-initiated, we’d like to sell :15 or :30 video pre-roll for you.

4. Ads Only Above the Fold:
We require our ad spaces to appear above the fold when displayed on a 1024 x 768 screen setting. In the case of a skyscraper ad, having at least 50% of the ad above the fold is acceptable.

5. Proximity to Other Ads:
We require our ad spaces to appear above the fold (per #2 above) where no more than a total of four (4) ads of any shape or size are displayed and at least 50 pixels apart from each other.

6. Rich Media Ads:
We would like to display rich media ads on your site. These ads will always be user-initiates (i.e. “click to open”). However, you may opt out of these type of ads.

7. Special Sponsorship & Unique Ad Placements:
We’d like to discus our Side Skins and any custom ad units you sell on your site.

(click here to see the specs for the type of ad units we sell)

Your Publisher Portal

Our Publisher Portal is where you’ll manage your connection to Digital Throttle. View reports, monitor ads and manage all operations relating to your sites.


Please visit our Support Forum to learn more details about our network, ad units we support and integration into your site(s).


High Impact

Download the PDF Flier for More details.


1. Advertisers like High Impact ad units
High Impact ads provide excellent viewability (often 100% viewable) which is increasingly important to advertisers, both direct and programmatic. The larger footprint allows advertisers to create ads that truly represent and promote their brand, often with better performance than standard ad units.


2. Benefits to the site owner
The impressions already exist and High Impact is a great way to improve monetization of your site traffic. The single line of code is easy to install, and the ads are well targeted. We sell to endemic markets and can limit programmatic to specific categories so that ads are relevant. High Impact ads are also highly customizable.


3. Sizes and Options:
For Side Skins – there are two types. The “full” skin (300×1050). If no ads are available, we can then serve a 160×600 in those placements. For the Floating Footer – the standard footer is 990×100. If that ad size is not available, we can serve a 728×90 in that placement. The addition of these 160×600 and 728×90 ads dramatically increases the fill rate and revenue potential, but you have option to omit those ad sizes.


4. Revenue
Installing our High Impact code on your site is free. You earn a percentage of every impression sold. Your high impact impressions and earnings are updated daily at the Portal.


5. Set-Up
We focus exclusively on vehicle markets and limit high impact ad units to vehicle-related advertisers and insurance companies. If you prefer to only show vehicle related ads, or limit other categories we can set those rules. If you are an existing site partner, visit the Portal to grab your high impact tags. If you are new to our network click here to apply. We will then provide access to the Portal where you can locate and copy your tags. The Portal will also provide communication and reporting of your results and earnings.