Interesting Advertising Trends From 2018

Jan 17 2019

As you get ready for 2019, we wanted to look back at 2018. It was another amazing year for digital advertising with several big changes in consumer use and the growth of social media.

Digital Media Usage

According to social media management platform Hootsuite, most of America is spending a good chunk of their day online. It’s reported over 286 million Americans are online with 230 million using social media. The number of hours people spend online didn’t change much from 2017, with most users spending around six hours on the internet. But in the last ten years that number has doubled. The digital report states around 86% of people are online every day and 50% view videos daily.

U.S. Ad Spending in 2018

American companies spent billions of dollars in 2018 with digital ad spending expected to rise above traditional media this year. A study from estimated last year’s digital ad spending to add up at around $111 billion. The study also saw a rise in search ad spending totaling well above $40 billion. The marketing site projects digital ad spending will grow to $22 billion by 2021.

Social Media Continues to Grow

It was another year of growth for social media platforms. According to, Facebook and Instagram continued their success in 2018 with Snapchat showing a decline in user-ship. As of last year, Facebook had over 1 billion daily active users while Instagram celebrate 1 billion monthly users June 2018. Social platform Snapchat took a hit in 2018 with shares dropping 52% at one point since the beginning of 2018. Company leaders also reported a decline in user activity.