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The Digital Throttle Network provides site owners the ability to increase advertising revenue through a variety of ad units. Our industry-focused ads also enhance the relevancy of your site. We’re more than a network! We’re a direct sales force and provider of unique advertising solutions.

Top Reasons to Join

  • Industry Focus:We only work with vehicle-related sites and have decades of industry experience and contacts.
  • Relevant Ads:We focus on selling to new vehicle, insurance and aftermarket parts companies so that ads complement your site
  • Total Control:You control every facet of your business via the Portal or direct contact with a representative.
  • More than Banners: While display banners are important, we also provide turn-key video, mobile, keyword & side skins.

Focused Sales Solution

Digital Throttle is 100% focused on vehicle-related advertisers.  Our sales team has decades of industry contacts and relationships in the automotive, motorcycle, motorsports, RV and boating industries. We work directly with clients and advertising agencies of all sizes. Read more about our sales team here.

Industry Expertise

Digital Throttle was founded by vehicle enthusiasts, with over 100 years of combined experience in our field.  We are based in Southern California, where much of the industry is, and are trusted experts in the markets we serve.  We utilize leading systems and have developed proprietary tools to make online advertising easy for any size advertiser or agency.

Focus on your endemic market

We only work with sites featuring AUTOMOTIVE, MOTORCYCLE, POWERSPORTS, MOTORSPORTS, RV, OUTDOOR and BOATING content. Leverage our  industry experience, personal contacts and online expertise to maximize your revenue.

Direct Sales Staff

Direct sales is at the core of Digital Throttle’s success. Our dedicated sales staff is actively calling on YOUR markets, with the ability to get buyers’ attention due to long-standing relationships. We attend industry trade shows like SEMA, PRI, RVIA, IBEX and AIME. We spend a lot of time meeting with clients and prospective advertisers at their place of business. Meet your team here

Relevant Ads

Our industry focus ensures the ads we sell onto your website are relevant. Your site will be more appealing and “connected” when you display ads that compliment your content.

Strong CPMs

Direct sales and premium ad units help Digital Throttle provide premium CPMs.  We’re not the typical network that simply trades impressions with other networks.

Multiple Advertising Products

At Digital Throttle, we invest heavily on the development of new advertising alternatives for our site partners. Our ad units range from traditional display banner sizes to "high-impact" formats such as Side Skins and Floating Footers. We also integrate with your existing video player or you can use our turn-key video solution. VIEW OUR AD CHOICES


Standard sizes that we sell to advertisers are: 728×90, 300×250, 160×600 and 300×600.  Advertisers know that display banners on targeted websites is an effective and affordable way to achieve a goal, so a significant percent of our business is in display.


We offer advertisers the ability to “keyword” target our sites, which provides the opportunity to place ads on even more targeted content. This provides better response than a less-targeted ad, providing greater value.


High Impact

The most immediate opportunity for significant, incremental revenue is our High Impact Side Skins and Floating Footer. These units are in high demand from advertisers due to strong performance and 100% viewability. They are sold at higher CPMs which increases what is paid to you versus display units. High Impact ads use empty space on your site so they are “found money”. The ads are relevant and a single line of provided code is easy to install.



Video Outstream

Digital Throttle Video Outstream provides our site partners the opportunity to increase earnings by tapping into video budgets, with ads that live within site content.


Video Pre-Roll

Video Pre-roll is is in-demand because it performs so well for advertisers. Often repurposed television commercials, 15 or 30 seconds in length, pre-roll ads are the most common form of video advertisement. If you don’t have your own video solution, read more about Digital Throttle TV below.


Digital Throttle TV

Video is the fastest-growing form of online advertising. Our turn-key video solution will enhance your site with relevant and professional content. Best of all, video plays will earn you superior pre-roll video advertising CPMs. For more information, continue scrolling or visit   DOWNLOAD FLIER

Professional Video Content

Through Digital Throttle TV you’re able to select video content from over 30 different streams. The streams are specific to different vehicle types, vehicle brands, and racing series. the videos we license are provided by professional filmmakers, vehicle manufacturers, parts companies and television shows.

Video Players to Fit Any Site

We’ve designed dozens of video players to fit open space on your site. Whether you’re using a player on a homepage, filling open space on the right rail or looking for full-page video library, there is a player for you.

And if you’re looking for single videos to embed into stories, you can search our full video library or subscribe to our email service to automatically receive new videos we upload.

Reporting & Control

We’re not a huge faceless network. We operate more like your direct sales force and you'll always have a real live person to work with. All reporting and your settings are controlled through our online PORTAL where you set pricing, control what advertisers may run and view all your earnings.

Full Reporting

Our Publisher PORTAL is where you’ll manage your connection to Digital Throttle. View earnings, monitor ads and manage all operations relating to your sites.

Ad Quality

You set rules for the type of ads and specific brands allowed to advertise on your site(s). No offensive, competitive or “surprise” ads will appear on your site without your approval.

We’re constantly ranked in the top of automotive ad quality rankings worldwide. In fact, the most recent report ranks us second in overall ad quality (read report here).


You set minimum pricing for your ad spaces. If we can’t match or exceed this minimum CPM, we simply “passback” the unsold impression to your system or another network you specify.

Automated System

We manage the entire ad trafficking process. You only need to install our ad codes into your ad server once and we handle the rest. If you don’t use an ad server, you can place our ad-serving codes directly into your site pages. If you need technical assistance at any time, live support with real people is always available.