Going Beyond The Click

Mar 03 2019

We dive into what goes on “beyond the click.” Here is a quick rundown of what we look at to maximize the overall impact of your digital advertising.

Quality of the Click

The key metric we use for digital advertising success is how many clicks we send to an advertiser’s website. We make this a ratio, called the click through rate or “CTR”. It is simply clicks divided by the number of impressions (impressions are how many times an ad was rendered on a page.)

But not all clicks are the same. The person that clicks and quickly leaves the site is not as valuable as the person that clicks, visits several pages and ultimately goes to your dealer locator.

So how do we measure the quality of a site visit?

Our clients like using our conversion tracking because clicks don’t tell the whole story. The key thing with tracking is measuring specific actions such as a dealer locator page, rebate download, etc. Another additional piece is we can measure people that viewed the ad but didn’t click. We can also figure out which ads produced the best conversions.

Bounce Rate:
This is the percentage of users who visit your website from the landing page but leave the site before visiting other pages.

Time on Site:
The average time a user spends on your site after clicking on an ad. This number takes into account all the non-exits and non-bounces. Time-on-site numbers helps show a users interest in your product and company.

New Users:
With the help from Google Analytics, we are able to track all users that visit your site for the first time. New users turn into returning users once they visit your site more than once. We can also see how many times a user goes to your site.